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Juice and Roots

Good things come to those who juice!

Drinking fresh juice just makes us feel good. The clean, pure combination of fruits and vegetables delights our tastebuds and brightens our day, providing our physical body with soluble fiber to regulate blood sugar, antioxidants to protect us from molecular damage, and hydration packed with beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Juicing captures health in a bottle, deliciously.

Juice and Roots celebrates this feeling across our entire menu of flavorful fresh foods, mindfully created to feed your body and your soul. We were founded with the belief that people who feel good spread goodness to everyone they meet. Our mission is to share good things, and we hope you will, too.

With our in-house cold-pressed juice and delicious vegetarian menu, Juice and Roots offers limited dine-in, catering, to-go, delivery, fundraising opportunities and employee wellness programs.


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